12 Tips for a Clean Home (the Lazy Way)

Turns out the hardest part of making a blog post is writing the introduction. I should have figured. In school I’d always write the body then the conclusion, then finally I’d write the introduction. Same with blog posts I guess so here is your bad introduction.

Here are some tips I use to keep my home tidy and clean.

3 Lazy Tips for a Clean Home
1) if it takes less than a minute or two, do it right away
2) never leave a room empty handed, never go up or down the stairs without returning something
3) make your bed

3 Slightly Less Lazy  Tips
1) Make a to-do list
2) Do one 10minute declutter/cleaning session per day
3) Accomplish one thing on your to do list

3 Regular Tips for a Clean Home
1) Have weekly chores (or daily ones)
2) Have a designated place for everything in your home, and return things to their spots when done with them
3) Multi task some small things- stuff in the oven? Clean the kitchen while waiting, commercial break? Fold some shirts. Microwaving something? Wipe down the counters or take out the trash

3 Hard Tips for a clean home:
1) Declutter/have less stuff
2) Spring clean/deep clean 2x/year
3) Host parties once a month. It’ll force you to clean so you can impress your guests

2 thoughts on “12 Tips for a Clean Home (the Lazy Way)

  1. Haha, that introduction sounds like the Ashley I know. These are all good tips! I discovered the stair one in the last few months, and made regular weekly to-do lists last year. It really helped me stay focused, especially when I tried checking off one major thing a day.

    I notice making the bed is a recurring theme in these posts :p

    • Making the bed is AMAZING!! It was the first chore I really started doing on my own (without my mother nagging me) and it’s amazing how much it has helped my life and sanity over the years.

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