About Me

Procrastinating Housewife was started because I am a procrastinator who spends way too much time online. After reading and admiring hundreds of decluttering, housekeeping, and vintage living blogs, I wanted to document my own journey. I tend to put things off until the last minute and have a huge problem with getting motivated (always have) so I thought my perspective might be a tad different. Most of the blogs I read are done by highly motivated individuals who have great houses, care for kids, and are involved in tons of activities. Well, I play a lot of computer games and am the type of person who gives housewives the lazy reputation. Sorry.

Currently, procrastinatinghousewife is based in Sacramento, California. (This is important for gardeners and homesteaders to know. So often I read about “plant your spring crops in may!” and here May is the start of summer or I read tons of articles about protecting your crops from frost but very little about sunburns. Also, it’s just nice to know where people are coming from. I’m lucky to live in a metropolitan area so you can’t track me down anymore than that.) I am married to the wonderful M, a computer programmer. We have one cat named Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, whom we call Whiskey. He’s fat, super friendly, and fetches foam dice. We aren’t “green” people. I still use windex; I’m not opposed to scrubbing bubbles; I like store bought ant spray (well, not overly, but it’s really effective at killing ants). M allows me to stay home and in return I cook him delicious meals almost every night.

A lot of housekeeping blogs out there are by women with children or women who want to have children soon. M and I do NOT want children, ever. I wanted to create a blog that was by a stay-at-home-wife-no-kids for anyone else on the same journey since I have trouble finding those kinds of blogs. (NOTE: If you like kids, great. Thank you for continuing the species. There’s nothing wrong with wanting kids or liking them. It’s just not my perspective.)

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, greatest cat ever