No Procrastinating Monday – Week 2

Last week was such a success that I feel a desire to do the challenge again already. I wonder how much harder it’ll be this time around. Last week much of it was easy. The tasks I had been putting off for some time were small quick tasks. Now my tasks will take a lot longer to accomplish.

For today’s list: smog the car, pay the registration fee, box up and mail out the ebay packages, shop for dinner (pizza), start seeds, schedule large item pickup, and probably work on the curtains dress. I should also figure out why ebay borked on me last week and if I can still list other video games besides the pc ones.

The petite fours from last week have been removed from the to-do list (my friend wants to make them instead). A lot of the deep cleaning things will probably be put off again for awhile. I’ll have to keep them in mind though if I’m doing a full week of no procrastination. If the weather is sunny, I’ll probably get to them.


Car passed smog but I ran into a snaffu with my ebay packages. I still haven’t calculated shipping costs correctly and it’s going to be a fair chunk of money to ship my lastest packages. That and hunger completely derailed my motivation and I came home to sulk/eat food. I have already caught myself procrastinating several times and hope to overcome it soon. Maybe I should just stream games?

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