Housewife Challenge – Day 13, 14, & 15

Back from the funeral so time to resume the housewife challenge. While I was gone M got me an early birthday present – the new camera I’ve been wanting. The old one was from 2001 and took worse pictures than my cell phone. Now I have a Cannon Rebel T6, the fanciest camera I’ve ever taken. Playing with my new toy is fun.

Day 13. Eager to take advantage of Lowe’s spring black friday sales I headed over there only to be met with disappointment. None of my yard stuff was on sale. Not a huge deal as their sale extends through the end of the month and they’ll have new stuff on sale on Thursday. Still, I had plenty of energy I intended to spend gardening. Instead I unpacked from my trip, cleaned up the kitchen, wrote an About Me page for this blog, and played with my new camera (M suggests a post about my new camera, what do you think?). It felt like I got quite a bit done but really I never even did my chore of the day.

Day 14. Spent the morning hours working with my first official client on decluttering her closet! I loved getting to help her and it was lots of fun (and I got paid!). I hope to do this more often and with other people in the future. I can’t quite get over why people are willing to pay to have someone help them declutter. It’s more a hand holding position than anything else. Do you really love that? Are you sure? Why do you love that? Okay now let’s move on to the next one. Once I get over that people might be willing to pay for that sort of help I’ll be more at ease.

On my way home I stopped at the grocery store for a few more items. I had plenty of time to do all my usual housewife challenge things in the afternoon but between the morning and the rain (and me being lazy) I accomplished little else all day. I did do half the laundry. Could have finished all of it but though I put the soap in, I forgot to turn the washer on for a cycle. By the time it went in the dryer it was well past my bed time.

Day 15. Another rainy day, another lazy unproductive day. I dithered away the morning and afternoon before starting on my evening tasks. Managed to make a new recipe (Afghani Bolani from Foodtasia) and took pictures while doing so. Post about that coming up soon. Food blogging is not my thing, I discovered while taking pictures. Cleaned up all the dishes. Never folded the laundry. I miss taking my walks. Took my walk after writing that, it was warmer out than it appeared. The recipe was pretty good but now my kitchen is all oily from frying the bolani. It also took quite a few dishes. Overall a mediocre day. Didn’t achieve everything on the list but did get enough done.

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