Housewife Challenge – Days 16, 17, & Weekend

The weather of the week left me lazy as all else. Unfortunately, I did very little on either day 16 or 17 of the challenge. Managed to water my plants. On Friday (day 17) I finally transplanted my green bean sprouts and a couple of my hydroponic pepper plants. They are in the ground now and hopefully will survive. I did get a bit of fruit off of the two pepper plants before I transplanted them, which made me feel accomplished. However, I’m looking forward to starting new seeds as I’ve learned a lot about my hydroponics. The green beans might be too long and thin – I’m not sure. They sure don’t seem perky yet. Last weekish I transplanted my pea plants and took a couple that weren’t going in the planter and planted them next to the tree. I’m pleased to say that those pea plants are still alive and starting to grow, much to my surprise. The ground around the tree is hard clay so if something can grow a bit, I’ll be happy.

The weekend resulted in visiting friends, going dancing, and being extremely lazy. I think I needed that pure laziness though. I’m feeling more energetic. ‘Course that could be our California spring sunshine.

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