Housewife Challenge – Days 5 & 6

Day 5

Wish I could say I started the new week with gusto but mostly started it with (what feels like) failure. I managed to do a 10-minute tidy that took care of the biggest messes in the house, I aired out the house, and I took an extensive walk. In the morning I did the dishes from the weekend and put them away. And that’s it. Didn’t do my chore of the day or my project of the day. Didn’t have two hours of non-computer time. Didn’t work on my blog. Nothing. I felt incredibly lazy.

Day 6

Started off the day feeling as lazy as yesterday but guilt finally took over around 2pm and I managed to get all of my morning chores done, the laundry done, and half of yesterday’s project-of-the-day and half of today’s. Washing the doors and door frames takes a lot longer than it should and it took nearly twenty minutes to detail three doors, front, back, and borders. They have never been detailed, however, so they were really bad. If I make this a semi regular thing (once a month) it should go a lot quicker. Later I whipped up a meal (freezer soup) and cleaned the kitchen.

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