Housewife Challenge Recap & Future Outlook

For 30 weekdays I have attempted a housewife challenge. I don’t think I’ve done so great. I wanted to build at least one new habit but nothing has stuck. I wanted my house to be sparkly, but it’s the same as ever. I wanted my garden to be practically perfect, but I knew that was never going to happen. I was more successful than the last few times I tried similar challenges. Maybe it was the advanced planning or maybe it was the nicer weather. It’s funny how we remember things based off the ending and not the beginning or middle. Because I’ve been failing the last week or so, I feel like the entire thing was a failure. But I had lots of successes early in the month. The first two weeks I accomplished so much and my house was closer to sparkly. Did I take on too much? Why did I fail at week 3? I felt so many things were “good enough” that I stopped trying.

I think my next major housewife challenge will be in August. I’m even thinking of doing a vintage august (minimal computer), but we’ll see.

The last few days of the challenge I was finally delivered my free mulch. It was as tall as I was! A friend took three truckloads and I still have enough for my side yards, fence line, and a majority of my backyard. It took four days to move it all into a pile in the backyard and I’m still working on putting it out. Coming up, how to mesh M’s keto diet with my idea of healthy eating and make it tasty for both of us.

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