Life (and Death) Gets in the Way – Housewife Challenge Setbacks

Before I began the housewife challenge I made a deal with myself: The challenge would be paused on days that M was home. This meant that on weekends especially but also on holidays I would suspend the challenge to just spend time with him. Well on Friday M conducted a work meeting for home. He and his coworkers got here about the time I normally do all my projects and chores and they were still here at the hour I normally clean the kitchen and make dinner. Being a work function, I hid away so as not to disturb them and accomplished very little for that day. Therefore, last week I only did four days of the challenge. Let’s be entirely honest – I could have done some of my housewife challenge for M’s meeting but was too lazy. I was still toying with it as a failure or as a “non-day” when I got the other bad news.

Friday, the day M had his meeting, brought tragic news. My cousin who has been going through chemo for colon cancer went into organ failure. The doctors didn’t give him much time to live. My parents made it down to his side to say goodbye and comfort his family but it took an emotional toll on all of us. He died Saturday evening. Aunts and uncles should die before cousins. He was the first non-grandparent to die. I am sad and my heart breaks for his family and his parents. Anyways, there will be a funeral, probably later this week, and I’ll go down there, thus suspending the housewife challenge for at least another day (possibly two depending on circumstances). My challenge will now end in mid-April instead of early April.

Remember: presence with family and friends is more important than a picture perfect house.


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