Looky a new post for spammers!

Yep, I’ve been gone quite awhile. Life and laziness got in the way. That and the only traffic I was getting was spammers. Today I successfully deleted 89 spam comments. Hooray.

I would like to blog more. I’d like to be serious about this again. I was for awhile there. Then I failed. It’s a setback. I shouldn’t think of it as failure. I should think of it as having other priorities. Well time to make it a priority again……..starting in January.

I’ve been considering my new year’s resolutions and am structuring some goals for the new year. As usual, I don’t want to be as lazy, I’d like to be more motivated. I’ve come up with a few ideas.

The Low-Waste Year

I’ve been reading a lot the past several months about the zero-waste lifestyle. I don’t think zero waste is for me but I’d love to do a low waste and reduce the consumption further in this house. The first two weeks of January I’ll do a trash audit, see where we can reduce things. I may buy an actual tumble compost bin (I don’t turn the trash can I’m currently using for compost). I’ve gotten better about throwing food scraps into compost. I’m also trying to eat up the old pantry and freezer items. It’d be nice to not have or barely use the outdoor chest freezer. (Save some money?) There are some good habits I’ve already adopted for a lower-waste lifestyle. I use cloth pads. I use hankies instead of disposable tissues (wish I had bought actual pretty hankies though – I’m using small microfiber cloths which work well enough I shouldn’t buy others just because). I recycle most things. I’m better at composting food scraps.
I know I use more water than I’d like in the kitchen. As a Californian it is important to me that I don’t waste water – yet I also want to recycle soup cans and that requires rinsing them. Hmm.
I’ve managed to reduce the usage of paper towels in this house. It used to be we’d go through a roll a week or so, now they last two and a half weeks. I don’t think I’ll ever get the roommate (who I have drama with) on board but he barely cooks so doesn’t use many paper towels. My husband would be okay with hand towels a bit more if we didn’t have said roommate. I think a goal for this next year will be to make those cloth paper towel rolls and stop buying paper towels. The napkins we use are ones take out places automatically include or are my microfiber cloths. Sometimes we’ll split a small paper towel in two for the both of us. Again, I’d love to reduce our paper napkin use. Maybe I can get M in the habit of using the microfiber cloths? We have new green ones that could be “his” color.

Declutter/House Inventory

In addition to wanting to consume less, I also need to declutter. M helped his father clean out his shop and volunteered me to sell the remaining inventory on ebay – something I’ve never done before. I’m hoping to get those 20 boxes out of my house by end of February. It’s been several years since my Great Inventory Challenge and I want to do it again. Only problem is, a much larger house with about 10x as many items to put on the inventory list. I’ve been slowly decluttering extras as I can the last several years, but it need a concentrated effort. One thing I recently discovered is that of the 10+ t-shirts I own, I only bought or asked for two of them and only really love about 4 of them. I’d like to slowly replace the ones I don’t like with ones that feel more me.
Obviously I still can’t declutter most of M’s stuff and I also don’t know how to label a lot of it (like the wires and electronics) so that’ll make an inventory more challenging.
I’d also like to “declutter” some outstanding projects. For example – both sides of my holiday quilt have been sewn, now I just need to sew them together. I bought materials for a box coat (slouchy house coat) that needs to be sewn. I’d like to work on my paint by numbers. There’s an outdoor garden cage to build. The bathroom faucet still isn’t fixed. (Arg!) It’d be nice to get my to-do list much smaller or at least add new stuff to it. (Side note, I also haven’t worked on my bucket list in awhile.)

Less Computer Time

I’d also like to spend less time on the computer. It’d be great if I only went on the computer with intention (like now to make a blog post or to look up something specific) but too often I get stuck in a perpetual loop of useless refreshing. Check the recipe I’m making tonight → might as well check facebook → let’s look at youtube → refresh that ten times → check pinterest again → check facebook again → I should do something, oh but it’s lunch time so let’s just watch a bit of youtube while I eat → repeat process for two hours → wait, why was I on the computer? Oh yeah, that recipe for tonight. I really have a problem. Apparently my willpower is quite low when it comes to the computer.
So my solution? Well I’ve tried vintage weeks, I’ve tried not using it from certain hours on. I’ve tried doing one day a week without it on. What I really need to do is find the best thing for me on using it. That no computer ’til M gets home one rotating day a week really worked for me for awhile. I should put that back in rotation. Also maybe I could use my computer until say, 930am and then turn it off until M comes home? That’d be ideal and when I try a vintage week/month again that may be what I do. Gotta have my morning fix. But really using the computer has started to make me feel guilty about the time wasted. So I need to work on that this next year.

Roommates and Roommate Drama

I had two roommates. The one I liked just moved out a week ago. Now I have to go back to work until we get a new person in that room.
The other roommate. Well. Here’s the drama. It happened back in July. He is a generally loud, kind of obnoxious person who is a sore loser at board games. He has legit left playing board games in the middle of a game because he knew he was going to lose. He sulks for a few turns then leaves like it’s all our fault and the world is after him. It is a very annoying and frankly most of us (especially those that live with him) are over his attitude. Now I’m the craftiest of anyone in the house and I was putting together this pvc picture backdrop one day. I already knew it was too short and had extra pieces to make it taller sitting nearby. He remarked in a rude manner (like this was news to me) “You know there will be people taller than you at the wedding?” Of course I knew that! My husband was going to be there and he was taller than this frame. I wasn’t asking for any advice, just minding my own business and was stressing about other things. I think he had said some other things similarly in the days leading up to this. On this day I just replied that I knew and there were my extra pieces. He left me alone but I started fuming over his attitude, over his slovenliness, over his belittling nature. We had a board game weekend scheduled two days later with several people coming over. He had not been invited to participate – both because of his being a sore loser with most people over him, and we thought he had plans with his new girlfriend. After this I just knew he’d hover over our games for twenty minutes making nasty remarks. Like, if he hovered for a few minutes then asked if he could join us, that would have been fin, but don’t stand there hovering for thirty minutes expecting us to offer you a spot. I decided that if he hovered on game day, I’d likely lose it. And lose it I did.
Game day came, we sat down to play, he came over and started hovering offering his “witty” commentary. I could feel the blood rising in my head. I had worked out there was no good way to say get lost so for a few minutes I bit my tongue as the anger fumed. I realized that my stony angry silence was almost as bad as his presence and that one or the other had to go. Then he made a remark “If I were playing I’d definitely be losing,” or something like that. “Then why don’t you just leave?” I burst at him. He looked at me shocked, the group at the table stared awkwardly into their cards, he looked around for someone to defend him, hurmphed when no one would, and left the room. He stormed around for awhile then went to his girlfriend’s for the weekend, undoubtedly to tell her what a horrible person I am. As soon as I left I felt immense relief. Within a couple of minutes I was being a friendly hostess again, and the game day continued without a hitch.
I’m not sorry for what I said. I knew as I planned those words, as I was saying them, that any friendship we may have had would probably disappear. I even expected the silent treatment and was only too happy to return it for a month. But…..after a month of not talking I was over the whole incident. Yes, I had been rude beyond compare. Yes, we were no longer friends and shouldn’t gossip in the kitchen anymore. But I would do it again. His attitude had been too awful for too many months. I figured after a period of silent treatment we would get back to a tersley polite roommate relationship. “Please do the dishes”, a mutual good morning, “Happy Thanksgiving”, or an are you going to be gone for the holiday. Nothing. I would try the good morning and get silent treatment. I would try asking a question about the house and be glared at before he walked away. I wished him a happy thanksgiving only to be glared at. For the first month everyone who was at that table got the silent treatment from him (to their relief as well). Then he started to talk to them once in awhile again. Now he’ll talk to any of them as long as I’m not in the room. He’ll even talk to M again, the last person he started talking too, as long as I’m not in the room. If I’m in the room however, he won’t even answer basic direct questions.
I really get being mad at me (fully deserved) but a 5 month silent treatment is a bit much. I’m not asking for friendship just to be in my own kitchen without feeling like an interloper. Bah. I spent too much time on this subject.
Anyways, he’s gotten messier and messier (a reason the good roommate moved out). He seemed to stop caring about other humans (not just me) about the time he got that girlfriend. He’s broken up with her now though, so maybe I’ll stop getting the silent treatment? Oh well. Sorry for the drama.


So I want to do better this next year. Less waste, less computer, more productivity, more blog posts. More working. Good luck to me. For now, I think I’ll clean the house.

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  1. Yikes. That’s intense roommate drama. Holding grudges can be nasty. Remember, for more non-spam posts, tell everyone you know about your cool blog! 😉

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