No Procrastinating Day 3 – To-do vs. Procrastinating

So, part of not procrastinating is updating to the new wordpress…it looks different and weird. It’s especially weird since I wrote the previous post only 10 minutes ago on old wordpress and now am writing on new wordpress. Moving on.

There is a very subtle difference between not procrastinating and being productive. Being productive indicates I should always be doing something constructive – like working on the blog – an shouldn’t “waste time” playing Pocket Frogs or computer games. Not procrastinating on the other hand, means not putting off things I need to do for long periods of time. It’s okay to play computer games if I’m being intentional about doing so. It’s okay to relax, so long as I’m not putting off fast things to do. But at what point does relaxing stop being intentional and start being procrastination? That is the fine line I’m trying to define. Anyways, here is a massive list of things I need to do with an (F) if I’m frustrated with it.


  • Update everything on WordPress
  • Figure out how to stop or lessen spam comments on WP (PF)
  • Finish curtains dress
  • self draft pattern for curtains dress top (F)
  • create bonnet (F)
  • list old camera on ebay
  • review wp themes and make this a more legit blog
  • fix stove burner
  • fix sink drain in bathroom (FFFFFFFFF)
  • get shower glass sparkly (FFF)
  • clean bathrooms
  • add twitch weekly schedule block
  • make practice petit fours
  • organize/put away fabric sewing stuff
  • order boxes for selling stuff
  • fold laundry
  • weed yard
  • water flowers
  • schedule large item pick up
  • clean pantry door and shelves
  • clean microwave
  • clean sides of oven
  • clean sides of fridge
  • mop floors
  • vacuum stairs
  • start seeds
  • buy extra xmas quilt fabric
  • put on bed skirt
  • change sheets

1 thought on “No Procrastinating Day 3 – To-do vs. Procrastinating

  1. That’s a huge list of things to do all right! Personally, I’m happy if I just do a load of dishes or fold some clothes lately.

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