No Procrastinating Days 4 &5

Now obviously I didn’t post the days after these days but I still was pretty proud of myself. On Thursday I got quite a bit accomplished in regards to all my sewing. I don’t remember entirely what I did all day, but I remember feeling very satisfied that hadn’t procrastinated much.

Friday was a different story. I started out the day streaming a game (so I wasn’t “procrastinating”) but it didn’t go great. Then in the afternoon I tried shutting off the computer to do all my chores but I kept putting it off and putting it off. I was honest with myself and knew I was procrastinating, but just couldn’t make myself do things. Eventually I was able to do some of the cleaning up chores needed for Saturday (such as the bathrooms) but I still felt like I failed.

Saturday morning – while not part of the challenge this week – was remarkably successful. I made two roasts and a cake, finished cleaning the bathrooms and common areas, and set up games for guests. Got several compliments on the cleanliness of the house and on my food. The best compliment I got though was putting several people into a food coma. WIN!

Overall a week of No Procrastinating was a wonderful productive challenge and I feel much less stressed in general.

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  1. Sounds like a great social day on Saturday 🙂 I always find myself way more productive in cleaning if people are actually coming over.

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