No Procrastination Challenge?

Saw a video of a guy who went 7 days without procrastinating (or so he said). I thought the concept was fascinating but more for 5 days not 7. So here goes. (Probably not getting through this, just a place to put thoughts.)

I was thinking about this concept before bed last night and also this morning as I woke up, which is a good sign that I might be able to do this sort of challenge. No procrastinating feels different than being productive or not using electronics. With being productive or not using electronics, I never feel like I can just sit and relax or chill. But no procrastinating means not putting things off for later but also allowing myself time to relax. Maybe that’s why it feels different.

The morning has been very successful thus far. I packed up the goodwill donations and ebay mailings while M got ready for work. He had to take his car in today and I drove him from the shop to work. Sent off my ebay packages and then walked around old town collecting pokestops. Probably walked at least a mile so that was good. It didn’t burn enough time for the goodwill shop to open though so I just came back home. I have to go out again several times this week so I can do that errand then. At least now it’s in the trunk waiting for a good opportunity instead of me tripping over it constantly. I then cleaned out my blog spam messages which have piled up. Hopefully I can find a way to prevent it from coming in.

I’m torn on how well my new online presences is working. Ebay and twitch streaming are both going well and there is future potential for long term earnings in both of them – but then I’ll be at the computer a lot which I think is bad for me. Still, the twitch streaming lets me play games and not feel as guilty about it.

Things I should stop procrastinating on (for me):

  • acquire and replace hvac filters
  • finish bonnet
  • finish curtains dress
  • pin quilt halves together and see if I can begin sewing
  • sell old camera
  • backup computer files
  • list more ebay stuff
  • clean bathrooms
  • look at/fix stove burner
  • smog car
  • put washer fluid in car
  • start seeds

It’s quite a bit of stuff that takes awhile but there it is. I think I’ll go do stuff now.

Whew! I’ve been very productive. I did the car washer fluid. I made a bedskirt that I’ve been planning for a couple of years now – just have to put it on the bed. I laid out my quilt and found out I need more christmas material (plus I took measurements so I’ll know how much more I have to buy). I repaired my pajama pants and a hole in my favorite dress (which I avoided doing all last year). I still have another small repair job on my dress that has to be done by hand. I washed the pantry door and all the dishes. Food is on the stove. I think I’ll take the rest of the evening off and maybe stream some games later.

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