No Procrastination Day 2

Yesterday (day 2) of no procrastinating didn’t go quite as well as intended. For one, I was a bit stymied by M working from home. In many ways I felt I couldn’t wander the house talking to myself ’cause it would be distracting for him. So I hid in my room a lot. Getting stuff done in there also didn’t work well as I was tired all day long. Took a nap in the mid afternoon. After the nap I finally worked on listing more stuff on Ebay…only to be told there are also “category limits” that I had exceeded. Couldn’t find anything stating what those limits were, only that I had met them and would have to wait up to 30days before I could list anymore things. This frustrated me so I cleaned the kitchen (why am I the only one that empties the dish drain in this house?) and served up dinner. At least I got laundry done, some ebay stuff listed, some streaming in the evening. I also finally emptied my old camera and took pictures of it to list on ebay (which won’t count toward the category limits). Successful enough, but not a great day.

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