The worst month I’ve had in years….

January has been one of the toughest months I’ve had in years. I’ve been learning how to use ebay and the learning curve is just tremendous. Every day for weeks I felt like a complete and total idiot, like I was one of the dumbest people on the planet and how could my husband like me? (He was very reassuring during this whole process and every evening would remind me I am smart – not that I always believed it.) The whole thing had me crying off and on, stressing about finances, etc etc. I am pleased to say that I am now over the worst part of the learning curve. There’s still plenty to learn and methods to tweak and refine, but the hardest part is over. Best of all, I started selling some items! We’ll see how February goes, if this is a long term prospect or just removing my current inventory.

I intended to do a daily/weekly trash audit towards my zero-wast (low waste) goals this year. Unfortunately that didn’t go much beyond the first week. I definitely produce a lot of paper trash. I tried puttingĀ  a lot of it in compost, but I think I need a better compost system. I thought about getting this one on Amazon and probably will – as soon as I’m not lazy. One interesting thing I hadn’t thought about for lowering my waste is my chapstick. Really it’s a small container and I almost always use up the whole thing, but it’s something to think about converting to lower waste later on. I’ve seen some online diys for chapstick to refill these containers, maybe some day I’ll try that. I also did research into shampoo bars instead of the containers. I found one at Ulta for when I want to try it but I’m a bit nervous about using one. My current shampoo does wonders for my hair. I have decided that I’ll switch to bar soap once my current body wash runs out – which will be in a year or so (why’d I get such a large bottle?). There are plenty of other changes I need to make or work on transitioning, but the whole ebay thing derailed me this month. Hopefully the next month.

Added to the fiascos of this month and many of my failures, we got a new roommate. The first several days have been ultra bumpy as we get used to each other. It doesn’t help that I’ve had a serious case of the grumps the last four days.I’ve tried to be patient and quiet during the adjustment period and am hoping things calm down a bit/go to normal soon.

I have been working on a new friendship all month. L and I had a good time sewing up new pajama pants (her first time sewing in a decade) with plenty of fun missteps. It reminded me of all the sewing projects I want to get done around the house. Maybe in February I can sew more.

Except in February I have to go back to substitute teaching. I hate being a sub but it is extra money. My bank account went a little low this month, what with after the holidays and all the new ebay start up costs and food. If I work full time in February, March, and April (my full time 10 days) I’ll have enough saved to probably get me through until November before needing to resume. I just have to take the plunge and start scheduling myself jobs again. With having to work in February and work on the ebay stuff, I’m worried I won’t get to the low-waste ideas or more sewing. We’ll see I guess.

Anyway, that’s my update.Oh also I need to plan my garden which I’ve been neglectful of the past year or so. Time to start seeds. I’d like to unabandon this blog but I’m not really sure which direction it’s going to go yet. Have a good day!


PS. Oh a success! For ten years I’ve been reading the same four comics every morning but they’ve stopped being funny and I’ve grown irritated with them. Well I finally decided to stop reading them and have been successful for most of the month. I’m feeling happier each morning without that routine in my life. Hooray!

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  1. Yay for working on a friendship!

    Glad you figured selling on ebay out. The idea of trying to do that kind of scares me.

    I used to put some ibuprofen in an old chapstick container, but it’s probably not such a great idea for me to store tiny items in them anymore now that I have a toddler.

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